Friday, 31 July 2009

Ride Home From Work

I wont always put my rides to and from work up here, but they will go in the training log - it all counts you know! If I do this back and forth everyday, then thats 60km a week!

This is my usual route into work, down to the Taff Trail and then through the path. During the winter I may go a different way on the way home depending on how dark it is - sometimes the park is closed before I leave to go home.

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Blowing up

Well this was a bit of a disaster. My first road ride since Floyd Landis was done for drugs, my riding had been suspended ever since. But today I was going out after work on my trusty work bike, riding home the long way. I was planning on going over the barrage and then all the way round the lanes to the A48 and back down through Peterstone super Ely. Thankfully I never made it that far - I took a wrong turning on the lanes between Sully and Dinas Powis, but by then Id had it anyway. Id really suffered on the road between Penarth and Sully - I wasnt helped by a headwind and also the gears on my bike failing to work properly - I only use one gear on the way to work and back so that hadnt mattered before. I came out by Llandough and decided that rather than go back down to Dinas Powis, Id ride past the hospital and down the hill into Leckwith. The descent was great, but the computer didnt pick up how fast I was going. The rest of the journey wasnt too bad, but the railway bridge in Llandaff North was hard! I got in and ate loads to recover. Not a good start for my comeback.

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