Sunday, 14 June 2009

Across the barrage

This was the last ride I did before I decided to make my comeback! It was only about 6 weeks before and the reason I didnt ride in between was because I was away alot on holiday and with work. Hopefully thats not a sign of how things are going to progress in future, otherwise the Ventoux could be hard. The great thing about this ride is going across the barrage. It was high tide and the barrage road feels extremely continental, you can imagine the Tour de France going across it in a massive echelon with people hanging on for grim death - like the Passage du Gois where Jonathan Vaughters crashed in 1999, or the causeway to Le Mont St Michel in Normandy when Olaf Ludwig (I think, could have been Johan Museeuw) won in about 1990/91. The view to the city is great. The only problem was having ridden up into Penarth and then back down to the Barrage, one of the bridges was just being raised to let a boat out. I went to have a look only for another one to start going up. I was trapped in the middle of the barrage for about 15mins waiting for the road to be lowered.

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