Sunday, 2 January 2011

Amazing ride part 2

I rode halfway home from our annual holiday in Borth. The route was amazing. The climb out of Machynlleth is probably the highest altitude gain in Wales - you go from pretty much sealevel in Mach to over 500 metres by the top and the last sections of the climb are insane. The road back down to Llanidloes is hard - it should be downhill all the way you think but there are some steep sections up and down. Then the last bit to Rhayader was err eventful. I came across some triathletes and shot straight past them going uphill in the big ring (!) only for my chain to snap on the following descent - what was that about? I wasnt even peddling. I had a link extractor, but managed to break it whilst fixing the chain. The tri-guys shot past (thanks!) and then I had to soft pedal the last 8 miles, worried that the chain was going to snap again.

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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Amazing Ride Part 1

I decided to ride half the way to Borth for our holiday. I had thought about going all the way, but the ride from Cardiff to Rhayader is uninteresting - but it gets interesting from there so jumped out of the car there. I had always wanted to go across the back road via devils bridge to Aberystwyth - it looks interesting on a map and I wasnt disappointed. The climb out of Rhayader was hard (it would be) but then the next couple of miles were amazing scenery across the common and then diving down into a steeply sided valley before climbing back up and down to Devils Bridge and onto the main road to Aber.

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Holiday Rides

Borth is a strange place. It is no Croyde, it has similarities with Westward Ho! but is more likeable. But it must be a great place to live if you are a cyclist - the training landscape is great - flat rides and hilly rides that are not too busy. Unfortunately, there's nothing else and its miles from anyway else, but nevermind. If I lived there, then this would be one of my staple training rides. Im not sure Id finish every ride by going up the mega steep 1:4 hill out of Borth, but it was an experience.

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And if I was a tester, then Id do this ride a fair bit too. Boringly flat in places, but fast:

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