Sunday, 8 May 2011

Duw its hard

Longest hide of the year so far with some big hills too. Got blown up to Merthyr in torrential rain only for the sun to come out whilst climbing up to Dowlais top. The open cast mine and land fill didnt make the view anymore attractive and the moor road across to Fochriw was windy and hard. The descent to ystrad and onto Caerphilly was fine but then came the big challenge - rather than go around the mountain I was going to go up it... I engaged 34x25 at the railway station and just rode up - 5mph. It was hard going but not excessively so. It will be interesting to see the Tour of Britain go over it in September. The descent into Cardiff was OK, but got stuck behind some cars doing 45mph and my top gear was not that big. Legs tired for the rest of the day mind.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


The year's first rainy ride: not so bad really, only one heavy downpour. No GPS art either but still a nice ride. Good to have the traffic lights with me down the A48 from Culverhouse Cross. Got stuck behind a horse lorry around Newton, I think they must have been lost because they were going to get stuck at some point in those lanes.

More GPS art

Yesterday was the dog, today it looks like a dog's head. Perhaps. Anyway this was a good ride - again, managed to find a great training route which Ive never ever done before. Windy on the way back to Cardiff, but a nice ride.

GPS Art - the dog

So here's my ride today - it looks like a dog! Strange how you can find some really good training routes when its not important any more. Im liking the climb up into Pentyrch and the climb through Llantrisant forest is also good.